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Cichlids 101: Complete Care Guide 2020

With their beautiful colors and inquisitive personalities, it’s no wonder why cichlids are such a popular species to own among aquarists. However, their aggressive

Angelfish 101: Complete Care Guide

With their graceful and striking appearance, angelfish are a stunning addition to any freshwater aquarium. But in order to thrive and be healthy, this

20 Gallon Fish Tank Featured Image

20-Gallon Fish Tank Filter

Using a filter is important for maintaining good water quality in your tank. Without one, your aquarium will get dirty very quickly, affecting the

Angel Fish Inside Aquarium

Fluval 406 Review

For aquariums over 100 gallons, a high-quality filter is key for maintaining good water quality. Tanks of this size and above benefit from canister

Blue and Orange Betta Fish Near Aquarium Substrate

Fluval 206 (2020 Comprehensive Review)

Fluval is a popular brand in the fishkeeping community. They’re well-known for their high-quality aquarium equipment, particularly their filters.  Although a large portion of