Mollie Newton
Founder and Editor at PetMeTwice

Hi, my name is Mollie and I’m the editor of petmetwice.com. I’ve been a huge dog lover ever since I was a kid, in fact I loved dogs so much I used to trek across my neighbourhood to walk my friends dog each weekend for free!

I’ve owned all different types of pets since then and have loved every one in their own unique way. Rabbits, fish, hamsters and cats, I’ve taken care of them all! These little fluff balls have always had a place in my heart and I’ve loved every minute of caring for and learning about them.

When I got my first fish there wasn’t the wealth of information available online that there is today. I used to buy books from the store and ask the local staff for tips and recommendations of how to keep my new friends happy and healthy. As time went on and the internet became my main resource I began to miss this social side of animal care.

I’ve always been a bit of a gear nerd and love geeking out on the nitty gritty of animal behaviour. Getting a new animal has always filled me with a unique drive to learn everything there is to know about caring for it. As my knowledge grew I found that I was also the one giving advice as well as asking for it in my local store and on online forums.

This realisation led me to the idea of creating a new type of animal lovers community, where we could share first hand experiences and insights online. I wanted a place where people could go for well researched advice on how to care for your animals, what to buy and where to buy it. Thats why I started PetMeTwice!

My mission is to help you enjoy and care for your pets intelligently, safely and responsibly.

My Philosophy:

All the articles and information on my site has been carefully selected, planned and edited by myself, so I know its reliable and accurate. I hire professional writers and talented wordsmiths to help me put together top notch articles. I even hire professional editors to help me ensure the quality and readability of the articles is up to scratch and not a word gets published without me giving the OK.

When its possible I love to get my hands dirty with the items we cover and test many to breaking point. We make sure all the equipment is safely tested and if we are pushing anything to its extreme we keep our animals well clear of any potential hazards. Since we cover so many items we’re not always able to get the chance to do deep hands on testing, so we also rely on third party feedback and deep research.

As I said earlier, the local store is what got me my start with animal care. This is why I always try to support these stores whenever possible by sourcing the items locally, if they don’t stock the items I’ll still press a few questions about what their impressions are of the products as retailers.

I’m constantly striving to make this site a reliable and trustworthy source of genuine opinions and experiences, so we do not accept any sponsorships or brand relationships that require input into our review process. I want this site to be your one stop shop for making decisions about your pet care.

What my animals mean to me:

For many of us our animals are our best friends, they are more family member than pet and we love them as much. They’ve given us the gift of their company and entrusted us with their care. Its our responsibility to educate ourselves to do the best possible job of giving them happy and healthy lives.

Its not only the animals in our family that are important, there is a whole ecosystem of organisms out there which we are just a part of. Not only is it our responsibility to ensure the health of our pets, but its also our responsibility to ensure the long term health of our environment. I’m deeply conscious of keeping our natural environment intact and untarnished for all to enjoy. To do this I like to make sure I am always focusing on the following:


The gear we buy for our pets can take a beating (especially the toys!), but the right items treated in the right way will last a long long time. Since the manufacturing process of everything we buy has a nock on effect on our environment, I aim to minimise the number of items you will need to buy over your lifetime. I do this by finding the highest quality and best value items that will last. Not only will it help you save money from repeat purchases, but it will help save our environment from a higher volume of manufacturing.

Environmental Sustainability

Whenever I can, I lean towards products which use sustainable practices in their manufacture and use. This doesn’t mean I will recommend an inferior product because of its recycled materials, but if a product or technique has a detrimental impact on our environment, I will identify this and give my opinion of it accordingly.

By sticking to these general guidelines I hope we can help keep our natural environment sustainable and enjoyable for future generations, just like it was left for us. If you’re onboard with this then keep an eye out for mentions of longevity and sustainability in my reviews.

Why read PetMeTwice?

Everything we write and everything we recommend is aimed to help you better care for and enjoy your pets. You and your pet’s relationship is at the centre of our vision and we are working to make all your lives easier and more fun.

If you’re someone who feels a special connection to animals and loves giving them full and happy lives then your in the right place.

If you like nerding out about pet care and gear, and want a complete breakdown of whats available on the market, as well as how it stacks up, then PetMeTwice is for you.

If you just want an easy place to get quality well researched recommendations for different products you’ll need to keep your pet happy and healthy then check us out.

Most of all if you love animals and the joy they can bring to all our lives, then you’ll be among friends at PetMeTwice. I look forward to you reading our latest guides and tips. Check out our latest favourites here.

Mollie Newton
Founder and Editor at PetMeTwice